AMOK! LICENSEDWelcome to Strategic Combatives. Please look around and feel free to contact us for any questions!

We are proud to be one of the only AMOK! Combatives Licensed clubs in Australia!

Using the  AMOK! Combatives methodology,  we present you with REAL scenarios,     and REAL tools and tactics to manage them – You use what works best for you!

The dynamics of an attack will dictate your tactics and therefore we seek to help practitioners embed functional reflexes/reactions…  No Design – No Conception!

We offer a range of monthly workshops, private training (individual or group) and work with Martial Arts clubs that wish to expand upon their current knife curriculum.

AMOK! is a “style neutral” training methodology and so won’t conflict with a given discipline but rather plug into it. When it comes to knife related training, accept no substitutes!

For info on hosting an AMOK! Knife Defence/Fighting workshop at your club, click here

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